Raise employee productivity by 13 percent

Employee engagement and productivity at workplace

What if I could give you a pretty much guaranteed way to increase your employee productivity by 13 percent? Yup, you read that right, a 13 percent increase in employee productivity! Well I can. Read on.

Babson College’s Social Innovation Lab, a research and advisory services firm, commissioned a study to find out once and for all the effectiveness of this thing now being called “corporate responsibility.”

Thanks to the generosity of Verizon as the lead sponsor and Campbell’s as the supporting sponsor, 125 organizations across 11 different industries were surveyed. The results represent the definitive answers to the questions being asked.

The mega-document, “Project ROI, Defining the Competitive and Financial Advantages of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability” is available at ProjectROI.com and I highly recommend everyone who cares about the partnerships we develop between our area nonprofits and corporations download it and read it.

And while you are expanding your brains, look at the ongoing work done by America’s Charities, a nonprofit created to inspire employees and organizations to support causes they care about, thus bringing many, many more resources to our nonprofit community.

Since I truly doubt many of you will actually read all of the many, many pages of data, here are the highlights from both America’s Charities and the ROI Impact study:

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