Sarah Ford | February 26, 2015

Project Scientist Girls Learn STEM: From Roller Coasters To Cable Jewelry

By Nichie Wilson, Events Manager

On January 23, Time Warner Cable partnered with Project Scientist to teach more than 50 young girls about the science and engineering behind one of the world’s top 10 tallest and fastest new giga coaster, the new Fury 325.

Beginning the day at Paramount’s Carowinds amusement park in Charlotte, NC, the girls heard presentations from the coaster’s designers on how STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) is used to ensure a fast, exciting and SAFE ride. To build the mega coaster, more than 200 workers helped fabricate the design over 12 months, using 4,265 million pounds of steel and over 3,400 gallons of paint. A total of 60,000 hours and counting has been needed so far to complete the installation.

After learning all about the STEM behind roller coasters at Carowinds, the group of girls traveled to the Time Warner Cable campus in Charlotte, NC to learn about STEM careers. Members from the Charlotte Women’s Collective, a TWC employee network group with a mission of connecting women employees with information, ideas, opportunities and each other, hosted the event. The girls were treated to a panel discussion featuring TWC female employees who discussed how they use STEM in their daily jobs. During the Q&A the young STEM superstars asked great questions such as “can you build a robot to do the dishes” and “how does cable enter the home.”  The event concluded with an activity where the girls were able to make Coax cable jewelry.  The girls learned how our cable techs use the coax to deliver video, internet and phone services to the home while at the same time getting creative by making fashionable necklaces, bracelets and headbands to take home.  

This day of activities tied nicely into Time Warner Cable’s philanthropic initiative, Connect a Million Minds (CAMM), which is committed to getting kids excited and engaged with the wonders of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). This day was a part of TWC’s ongoing commitment to Project Scientist, a favorite local a non-profit organization amongst TWC employees, dedicated to transforming the face of STEM by nurturing today’s future scientists who will lead the world in solving tomorrow’s greatest challenges. In 2015, TWC is sponsoring their STEM field trip program where the girls in the program continue their STEM learning outside of the classroom on school holidays and teacher work days. 

Through the various activities throughout the day, the girls were able to make the connection to STEM in a fun and engaging way, allowing them to better understand how even something as fun as riding a coaster has STEM elements. 


Nichie Wilson

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Time Warner Cable


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