PetSmart Charities Celebrates Its 5-Millionth Pet Adoption

This year in North America, about 8 million pets will end up in shelters. According to Susana Della Maddalena, executive director of PetSmart Charities, Inc., “About half of the pets that end up in shelters in North America are euthanized before they find a home. That adds up to about 11,000 pets each day. Adoption is so important because when you adopt a pet, you save a life and enrich your own. Adoption makes room at a shelter, so more pets can come in and stay longer, giving them a better chance of finding a home.”

Petsmart Charities recently announced its 5 millionth in-store pet adoption.  To celebrate this milestone, PetSmart Charities has given the Little family “pet parent perks.”

Click here to read more and view photos of the 5 millionth pet, Dodge, an adorable 5-year old Siberian Husky.


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