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Wish Granted: Cancer-Surviving Boy Stars in War Movie

November 11, 2014

A young cancer survivor with a wish to star in a war movie had it turn into reality, thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

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Behind the Scenes at Make-A-Wish America with Justin Schmid

October 8, 2014

Make-A-Wish® believes that granting the one true wish of all eligible children can help them feel better – and possibly even get better. Wish kids,…

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Helping Kids Feel Better Through Wish Experiences

October 6, 2014

It’s taken less than 35 years for Make-A-Wish® to become one of the most-recognized charities in the world. From our first official wish in 1980…

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Rylee Finds Strength in NASCAR Favorite Kasey Kahne

August 5, 2014

Rylee has been told she can’t ride a bike because she lacks muscle tone in her legs, but she pedals down the street.  She’s been…

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The World Cup Helps Wish Kids Open New Chapters in Their Lives

June 23, 2014

The sport goes by many names. In some countries, it’s soccer. In others, it’s some variation on “football.” In Italy, they call it il calcio…

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Wish Experience Makes the World Huge Again

June 3, 2014

Sometimes, sitting in my bed for hours on end, I felt quite diminutive and trapped; hidden away from the world like a prisoner in a…

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LA Galaxy Soccer Club Signs Wish Kid as Left Forward

May 23, 2014

15-year-old forward Jacob Trainor’s “wish to be a Galaxy teammate” was recently granted by Make-A-Wish® when the LA Galaxy soccer club signed him to be…

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Jonah Turns His Wish Into a Career

May 21, 2014

It’s difficult for many people to figure out just what they want in this world. But some of us just seem to know what they’re…

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New Book Reveals the Celebrity Connection to Wish Kids

May 19, 2014

Think about that for a moment: A celebrity’s schedule is packed. They are constantly in the public eye. Yet more than 1,100 gave some of…

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Jaime’s Horse Gives Her Hope

April 29, 2014

A girl in love with horses, Jaime wished for a horse of her own. A strong, beautiful companion to stand by her side during and…

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Today is World Wish Day! Support Make-A-Wish®

April 29, 2014

Today, April 29th is World Wish Day, marking the day that Chris Greicius received his wish to be a police officer, inspiring the creation of…

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Wish Kid Defies Odds and Defines Life on His Terms

April 24, 2014

Sam is no stranger to the hard road. Born with a serious heart condition, Sam has spent his life battling illness and proving people wrong.…

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