Nonprofits & Companies: How to Recruit & Connect With Young Workers & Donors

From America's Charities "Giving Under The Influence 2013" YouTube Playlist

There is a growing workforce of Millennials. Since many of them already have causes they support because they grew up with a social responsibility ethic, are they likely to adopt a new cause when they enter the workplace and participate in company giving programs? How can companies and nonprofits recruit and connect with these young leaders and potential donors?

On April 24, 2013, America's Charities hosted distinguished experts at the #GivingUnderTheInfluence Symposium, where a dynamic discussion took place about shifting employee expectations and how the digital culture is transforming the traditional workplace giving model into a more engaging experience inside and outside the workplace walls. This video clip is from America's Charities "Giving Under The Influence 2013" YouTube playlist.