The Next Big Trend In Corporate Social Investment Is Emerging – Flagship Programmes

Employee Giving Signature Flagship Program

70% of companies surveyed by Corporate Citizenship expect to move towards a flagship programme approach to corporate social investment in the next 2 years, up from just 12% doing so today.

Corporate Citizenship, a global sustainability consultancy, undertook international research and interviewed some of the world’s leading community managers, from companies including Unilever, Kellogg Company, M&S, Microsoft and Rolls-Royce to understand the changing landscape of corporate community and social investment.

The research revealed a clear shift towards flagship programmes, whereby cash, volunteers and in-kind donations are focused on a single, significant issue for a company. There is growing recognition that these investments need to align with the core purpose of the business. A detailed survey with over 100 respondents from companies in more than 10 countries found:

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