Nepal Earthquake Relief

Nepal Earthquake Relief

The powerful earthquake that hit Nepal over the weekend is the worst to impact the region in the past 80 years, killing more than 3,300 and at least 61 people from nearby in India, Bangladesh, China's region of Tibet, and Pakistan.

While it will be a while before we know the full extent of the damage and death toll caused by this earthquake, your help is needed to provide the people in these regions with basic aid and resources like access to clean water, shelter, emergency care and food supplies.

The best way to lend your support is to donate money. Many companies empower employees to provide aid through company-sponsored disaster relief campaigns.  If your company is interested in setting up a disaster relief campaign, contact America's Charities and we can assist you.  

If your employer does not offer a disaster relief campaign, please consider donating to the following nonprofits that are assisting in the relief efforts:

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