Sarah Ford | May 31, 2013

Miriam’s Kitchen is Ending Chronic Homelessness in D.C.

On any given night, there are 1,870 chronically homeless individuals living on the streets of Washington, DC.

Miriam's Kitchen

 These individuals are living with a physical or mental disability and have been homeless for at least one year (or multiple times over the past few years).  These individuals often live with severe mental illness, chronic substance abuse and/or severe health problems. Their quality of life is diminished and their life expectancy is cut short.  They are struggling to survive.  The good news is there is a solution to ending chronic homelessness: Permanent supportive housing. 

Permanent supportive housing is the solution because it:

  • is cost-effective,
  • improves health outcomes,
  • provides individuals with the tools they need to get their lives back, and
  • is effective at keeping people housed.

How is Miriam’s Kitchen part of this solution?

Committed to ending chronic homelessness in DC, Miriam’s Kitchen creates meaningful connections with chronically homeless individuals, places them in permanent supportive housing, and ensures they have the necessary support to remain in housing.

Miriam’s Kitchen also advocates for permanent supportive housing as a long-term solution, while meeting short-term needs by providing healthy meals and high-quality social services to more than 3,500 chronically homeless individuals each year. 

Strong Advocacy Has Paid Off:

Over the last several months, Miriam’s Kitchen supporters have rallied, called, emailed, and met with Councilmembers and the Mayor’s office to tell them about this solution to chronic homelessness. And guess what? It paid off! Last week’s DC vote confirmed that Miriam’s Kitchen volunteers, guests, staff and supporters were heard loud and clear – ending chronic homelessness is possible in DC!

The DC Council voted unanimously to fund key programs that will end homelessness for individuals and families that are chronically homeless, and prevent and shorten homelessness for individuals.  Below is a recap of critical wins that will impact Miriam’s Kitchen guests: 

  • $2.2 million for the Department of Human Services Housing First permanent supportive housing program (PSH). This will provide housing and support services to chronically homeless individuals and families in DC.
  • $400K to pilot Rapid Re-housing for individuals. This program will provide short-term rental assistance with services for up to a year in an effort to prevent and end homelessness for individuals.

    • $500K to pilot an Emergency Rental Assistance program (ERAP) for individuals that will provide funding for overdue rent for households facing eviction and pay security deposits and first month’s rent for residents moving to new homes.
    • $2 million for Interim Disability Assistance (IDA) that provides critical financial assistance to disabled individuals who are waiting for federal Social Security Disability Income.

None of this would have been possible without help from individuals like you.  This is a tremendous step forward towards putting an end to chronic homelessness in DC. 

Want to help Miriam’s Kitchen finish the job? 

Whether you donate money, advocate, or contribute to Miriam’s Kitchen through your workplace giving program, there are plenty of ways to contribute.  Click here to find the best way for you to help.

For more information on PSH, Rapid Re-housing, or ERAP, click here.  Or, for details on IDA click here.

Want to learn more about Miriam’s Kitchen?

Web Site:

CFC#:  27085


Follow Miriam’s Kitchen on:

@miriamskitchen @miriamskitchen      


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