America's Charities | August 7, 2018

New partnership brings new opportunities for America’s Charities’ members

Dear Member,

Today America’s Charities unveiled a new employee giving solution in partnership with Pinkaloo, a Baltimore-based technology company that uses data and technology to power growth in philanthropic giving. The new America’s Charities’ Modern Giving Solution,, is designed to help employers grow their workplace giving programs and social impact while giving employees exactly what they want – a way to donate to charities and causes that matter to them – like yours – whenever, however, and wherever they want. You can read all of the details in our press release here.

Why this is good for causes

According to our latest employee donor research, 76 percent of employees say that the ability to choose the cause they give to is imperative. In fact, not having a choice stops 30 percent of employees from donating through the workplace. One of the top five detractors from an employee donor’s giving experience is the limited ability to donate how and when they want. The new America’s Charities’ Modern Giving Solution, powered by Pinkaloo, addresses all of this by putting the power into the hands of employees, while simultaneously helping employers maximize employee engagement and their impact in the community.

Why this is even better for you as an America’s Charities nonprofit member

Our new Modern Giving solution benefits our members in a variety of ways:

  1. Your charity gets in front of more donors. In addition to being listed in another database as a potential donation destination, we are working with Pinkaloo to highlight our members on the platform. Because donors look for symbols and badges that can help them decide which nonprofits are trustworthy, the member badge attracts attention and helps highlight your charity as being worthy of donations.
  2. More fundraising potential. The new Modern Giving Solution is the latest addition to our full suite of high-tech, high-touch giving, volunteering, and engagement services, so we have even more opportunities to work with employers and meet their giving and volunteering needs – and our members have even better opportunities to optimize their presence in these campaigns. In fact, our members receive five to 10 times more in pledge volume in the workplace giving campaigns that America’s Charities manages compared with campaigns we do not manage.
  3. More opportunities to build deeper connections with donors. For Snapshot 2017, seven in 10 employee donors we surveyed said they need to have ample information about a nonprofit in order to donate to them. The same trend holds true for employees who take part in volunteering programs. We go to great lengths to highlight our members’ stories and impact through cause campaigns all year long for our employer clients.

Thank you for your continued partnership. We look forward to highlighting your charity’s great work through our new Modern Giving solution. We will publish additional details about our new solution on our website as they unfold. If you would like more information, please join our short webinar on Thursday, September 13, at 2 pm ET:

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