America's Charities | July 29, 2019

America’s Charities Acquires the Causecast Giving Platform

We are also pleased to announce that America’s Charities has further strengthened our ability to serve your organization and our other 130 nonprofit members by acquiring the Causecast giving platform. You may recall that we partnered with Causecast in 2015, and have spent the past four years servicing clients using the Causecast technology. This acquisition was completed on July 26, 2019, and is a natural next step for us, building on our 40 years’ experience serving the stakeholders of social change.

With this acquisition, we can better expand our members’ fundraising potential across more workplace giving campaigns, and better raise our members’ visibility through cause campaigns. More on that in a moment.

To be very clear, America’s Charities as an organization is not changing. We are not merging or acquiring Causecast as an organization, simply its technology. We have renamed our solution built on the Causecast technology, which we now manage, the America’s Charities All-in-One Giving solution.

What the Acquisition Specifically Means for You

Simply put, nothing will change significantly on your end. America’s Charities will continue to support you from day to day; we will continue to help nonprofits fundraise unrestricted, sustainable dollars through the workplace.

On our end, this means we have welcomed more than 25 new private sector companies as America’s Charities clients, giving us additional opportunities to promote and position you and other members in even more giving and volunteering campaigns that we directly manage. In total, we directly support 130 nonprofit members raise funds through the workplace, and now support more than 50 employer clients achieve their giving, engagement, and social impact goals.

We will also be able to better highlight our members through special fundraising campaigns directly on the platform. We know from our research and daily client conversations that donors want to engage and support their personal interests through the workplace. These special campaigns, or “cause campaigns,” are tied to a timely event with which employees have deep connections, e.g., Hunger Action Month™, Earth Day, Child Abuse Awareness Month, LGBTQ Pride Month, etc. The campaigns we create enable program managers to maintain their campaign’s momentum throughout the year, and help leverage individual employee values for overall charitable giving.

The Causecast platform acquisition gives us direct access to the technology, which means we can create additional campaigns with more flexibility. For more information about cause campaigns and ways we can promote you, contact

For more information, visit

Next Steps

We are proud to expand our support of the social good sector – your new reporting portal and the Causecast acquisition are two important steps in that endeavor. If you have questions, please contact our Client Engagement Team at

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