Sarah Ford | September 8, 2014

Making Treatment Possible & a Cure Probable for Children Diagnosed with Cancer

What We Do:

CureSearchCureSearch for Children’s Cancer is a national non-profit foundation that accelerates the cure for children’s cancer by driving innovation, eliminating research barriers, and solving the field’s most challenging problems. We fight every day to make treatment possible and a cure probable for the 42 children diagnosed with cancer daily. We do this in three ways:

  • We accelerate the search for cures for children at greatest risk of losing their battle with cancer by posing essential challenges to scientists and inviting teams to overcome them with novel research approaches.
  • We support children’s enrollment in clinical trials that have the potential to save their lives today.
  • We provide resources and education, so no child faces a cancer diagnosis without a fully equipped support team behind them.

Ultimately, CureSearch is working to change the odds for those children most at risk. 

What Community Need We’re Solving:

Every year, over 15,500 children will be diagnosed with cancer. Scientists still do not know what causes most children’s cancers, and childhood cancer affects children of all racial, ethnic, religious, and social economic backgrounds. Even as the cure rate has increased in the last few decades, treatment for childhood cancer is toxic, painful, and causes significant long-term side effects in over 60% of childhood cancer survivors. CureSearch works at all stages of the research pipeline to improve treatments, resources, and outcomes for children diagnosed with cancer. Our goal is to ensure all children have the opportunity to live long, healthy lives. 

How Companies & Individuals Can Help Make an Impact:

As a privately-funded foundation, CureSearch relies on the generosity of its donors to fund transformative research and resources for children’s cancer. A donation to CureSearch makes the following programs possible:

$38 – funds one hour of research for our Acceleration Initiative, our largest research program that supports childhood cancer researchers on the brink of treatment breakthroughs

$62 – provides a week of support for a child to be enrolled in a clinical trial

$92 – provides a full day of lab supplies for our researchers developing new treatments for children’s cancer

$300 – supports the development of family resources that CureSearch provides to families, including our plain language website content


Our thanks to CureSearch for Children’s Cancer for helping us learn more about their work!  Click here to learn more about the impact CureSearch for Children’s Cancer is making and connect with them at, on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Youtube and their newsletter.

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