Sarah Ford | May 16, 2018

Looking for All Things Employee Engagement Embodied into One, Easy-to-Use Employee Giving Tool?

Technology platforms support a growing range of employee giving and engagement programs as companies expand their mix of community service and involvement initiatives, which are part of their broader corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs and strategy. According to America’s Charities’ Snapshot 2015 report, “More than 80% of employers said they use technology to allow employees to give money; 65% use it to record volunteer hours; and 69% use technology to allow employees to sign up for volunteer events.”

And having a good online giving solution matters when it comes to whether an employee gives or not. Right behind paid time off to volunteer and employer matching gifts, “an easy-to-use online platform” is the third most important component of an employee giving program according to more than 1,500 employee donors surveyed in America’s Charities latest report, Snapshot 2017: What Employees Think about Workplace Giving, Volunteering, and CSR.

employee giving online technology platform donor preferences

But one of the top challenges that coordinators continue to face is how to administer all of this.

As one survey respondent stated in Snapshot 2015:

“We are looking for a technology solution that is ‘all things employee engagement’ embodied into one tool that is easy to manage and streamlines the employee experience.”

Executing a multifaceted employee giving and engagement program can seem like an overwhelming process. But it doesn’t have to be. As a partner to employers all across the country, America’s Charities can help.

You read that right. While many employers are familiar with America’s Charities as being a 501(c)(3) nonprofit membership organization that partners with some of the most trusted nonprofits in the country, America’s Charities also powers fully integrated workplace giving and volunteering programs for employers.

From strategy to implementation and everything in between, America’s Charities has an end-to-end solution designed to facilitate employee giving, volunteer management, matching gifts, reporting, funds distribution, and more – all in one place (no need for multiple vendors or platforms). We can even help you with strategy, benchmarking, and tax receipts for your employees!

Best of all, whether you need all the bells and whistles now, or just need one or two things to get started, our solution is meant to grow with your program.

“The campaign strategy from America’s Charities provided the guidance I needed to really optimize our employees’ charitable impact,” stated John Leonard, Program Manager, Optimizely – a strategic consulting client of America’s Charities. “Now I have a roadmap to make next year’s campaign even more successful!”

Technology alone cannot deliver on expectations for employee giving success

However, having the best technology and all the bells and whistles in the world won’t be enough to achieve success. The truth is, human touch is everything when it comes to implementing and sustaining a successful workplace giving and employee engagement program. In addition to having the right technology solution to conduct your program, you also need a partner who can serve as an extension of your team and provide continual expertise, best practices, and guidance during all phases of program implementation. You need a dedicated support team who can provide excellent, timely, and efficient support to you AND your employee donors to ensure a quality, enjoyable giving experience.

With America’s Charities’ team, you get all of that.

Our employee giving solutions come with multi-channel donor support, with an average 95% donor satisfaction rate. Plus, according to those who responded to our annual client satisfaction survey, 100% of America’s Charities’ clients say they are very satisfied with our service and support.

If you already have a workplace giving vendor, but are wondering if there is a better solution (and partner) out there to meet all of your needs – there is. With fall (September – November) being the most popular time of year to conduct workplace giving campaigns and launch other employee engagement initiatives, now is the time to choose your partner and start implementing your program.

Your team is committed to the community – and our team is committed to helping you be successful in that endeavor.

Contact your dedicated America’s Charities at for a discovery call and see for yourself how quality customer service coupled with an integrated technology solution, charitable funds management, and strategic advice can support your program’s growth and help your team succeed.


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