King County Celebrates 30 Years of Employee Giving

Employees can donate now through November 2018

King County Employee Giving Program - charities to support

The King County Employee Giving Program (EGP) is the workplace giving program for employees of King County government in Washington state. For thirty years, employees of King County have been supporting their favorite charities through the EGP, raising more than $25 million since it all started in 1988.

Because the EGP is an easy, cost-effective, and efficient way to raise money it allows the nonprofits to spend more time and money on the work that matters most, and less time on fundraising.

Please consider making a gift to America's Charities and our members. Your support will help feed the hungry, house the homeless, protect the environment, provide cultural experiences, and more. Your participation will make a difference! Click here to give online through the King County Employee Giving Program: Thank you!

King County Employee Giving Program - charities to support