America's Charities | March 5, 2021

Join us at the CONNECT HR Leadership Virtual Summit

March 29 - April 2

Join America’s Charities and our partner SmartSimple at the CONNECT HR Leadership Virtual Summit, taking place March 29 – April 2, 2021, via Zoom. At the event, we will meet one-on-one with organizations interested in learning more about how to recruit, retain, and engage employees, begin or evolve giving and volunteering programs, set-up a hardship relief fund, build and manage corporate culture, and/or increase community involvement and social impact. Participants who choose to meet with us will get a short demo of Engage, the world’s first end-to-end giving and corporate social responsibility (CSR) solution that tells the complete picture of an organization’s global impact – all on one platform. 

Join America's Charities at the CONNECT HR Leadership Virtual Summit

About the CONNECT HR Leadership Summit

Meet one-on-one and learn from your peers at the CONNECT HR Leadership SummitCONNECT HR is geared specifically to senior executives with buying power and current projects, and completely free for America’s Charities’ stakeholders ($700 value). As part of your participation, you can choose from a list of human resources (HR) and community impact solution providers across a range of topics. Those interested in volunteering and giving, employee engagement and recognition, culture platforms, and employee assistance will be directed to connect with us, though the decision is ultimately yours. All meetings are 30 minutes, virtual, and will take place from 11 am-5 pm ET throughout the week. 

Join America's Charities at the CONNECT HR Leadership Virtual SummitIn addition to these private meetings, you have an opportunity to hear from executives of well-known brands about how they’re personally tackling the challenges that you are also likely experiencing right now thanks to COVID-19 and other world events, as well as their plans for the future. More than 30 sessions will be available on-demand from high profile leaders including:

  • Chief People Officer, Zoom
  • Chief People & Culture Officer, Major League Baseball
  • Senior Vice President, Human Resources, KAR Global – ADESA
  • Senior Vice President, People Capital, Atlanta Braves

As a guest of America’s Charities, your ticket is complimentary – a $700 value. Click here to learn more and register.

Swag available to attendees of the CONNECT HR Virtual SummitWhat’s more, in gratitude for your participation, CONNECT HR will offer you high-end swag. The more meetings you schedule, the more opportunities you get to select gear from their “swag shop,” including donations to your favorite charities, $250 and $500 Visa gift cards, iPads, air pods, and more. 

CONNECT HR has led the in-person event space for more than a decade and made a very elegant switch to the virtual space last year. They are consistently rated highly for the experience they provide participants, as well as the ROI both attendees and solution providers gain from their participation. Personally, we have attended their conference from the attendee side, so we can speak first-hand about its unmatched experience (and the fantastic swag)! Feel free to email with questions about the event – or check out testimonials from Fortune 100 and 500 attendees here. 

Join America's Charities at the CONNECT HR Leadership Virtual SummitAs you register, be on the lookout for “America’s Charities Engage powered by SmartSimple” in the solution provider section. The list is alphabetical so we will be near the top! Just check the box to let the CONNECT HR organizers know that you want to meet with us.

About Engage

Join America's Charities at the CONNECT HR Leadership Virtual Summit

America’s Charities Engage powered by SmartSimple – “Engage” – is an agile, single platform for supporting all your social good needs. Designed to be flexible, grow with your organization, and adapt to your constantly shifting priorities, Engage can be tailored to suit your specific requirements. Whether you need to administer a stand-alone program or manage a full suite of global corporate and employee giving initiatives, everything can be managed under one roof. Engage makes it easy to manage all aspects of giving, engagement, philanthropy, and CSR on one platform, including:

  • Employee workplace giving
  • Employee engagement
  • Volunteer management
  • Corporate philanthropy and grantmaking
  • Gift matching
  • In-kind giving
  • Employee Assistance Funds (EAFs)
  • Tracking SDGs and/or other company-defined cause goals
  • Measuring and reporting progress and impact
  • Developing and sharing results and social good
  • Identifying areas of growth and evolving programs
  • Charity funds management and payment processing including charity vetting, donation processing, funds distribution, data aggregation, risk mitigation, etc.

…and more

We hope to meet with you one-on-one during the CONNECT HR Leadership Virtual Summit and learn about your goals and challenges. Wherever you are in your social impact journey, America’s Charities and our partner SmartSimple are here to support you in your endeavors.

See you there! Learn more and register here

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