Operation Warm | September 9, 2019

Join the Operation Warm Heroes for Warmth to Bring Confidence and Hope to More Children

Earlier this year we shared a story about a little girl, a kindergartener who Operation Warm was trying to help by giving her a larger size coat. The coat she had fit ok, but was starting to get a little snug and as all kids do, this girl was growing and would soon need a larger size coat to fit her. What made this story so heartwarming and heart breaking was how hesitant the little girl was to get a new coat. You see, the little girl and her mother were living out of their car and had nothing. That snug coat was her only possession. While no one was asking her to give up her coat (she could keep that coat AND Get a new, larger one) you can understand her reluctance. Unfortunately, that story isn’t unique to our team. That type of thing happens all the time. In this case, about a month after this event, someone sent us a video in which we were thrilled to see the girl smiling ear to ear wearing both coats outside.

The coats we provide through our program at Operation Warm really are more than coats. More than the physical aspect of the coat and keeping kids warm, these coats provide kids with a sense of dignity, happiness, and knowing that someone out there cares about them. The support Operation Warm receives from donors like you truly makes a difference!

Operation Warm’s Heroes for Warmth are among our most impactful donors to the children we serve. That’s because our Heroes for Warmth give small, affordable donations out of each paycheck through their workplace’s employee giving program. Those workplace giving donations provide our team with a steady stream of reliable funding all year long, which allows children to receive coats earlier in the season, before the really cold weather arrives. This means children are ready for winter, thanks to you!

And because the convenience of payroll deduction giving empowers our Heroes for Warmth to have small, recurring amounts of money deducted from their paycheck throughout the year, it’s easy for them to make a big impact on children in need.

For example:

  • With just $4 per paycheck, you can provide new winter coats – and the warmth, confidence and hope that they bring – to 5 children each winter. 
  • A $10 per paycheck pledge warms the hearts of 13 children each winter. 
  • If you can give $50 per paycheck – you will give a gift of warmth and happiness to 65 children each winter!

Perhaps most importantly, the coats you fund let children know that someone cares about them and their welfare. As a school principal in Philadelphia’s Badlands neighborhood told us:

“Warm coats equal warm hearts. The coats are a visible reminder to children that there is someone who cares about them enough to give them a nice, beautiful, warm coat that they like.  I think even at an unconscious level, coats mean security. Coats keep you warm. There is so much symbolism involved in a winter coat.”

By pledging a small donation every paycheck to Operation Warm through your employee giving program, you will be a Hero for Warmth!   

Support Operation Warm through your workplace:

As Operation Warm’s workplace giving partner, America’s Charities can help your company design and implement a program centered on supporting their work – through workplace giving campaigns, employee fundraising, cause-focused signature programs, volunteerism, donation drives, matching gifts, Dollars-for-Doers, In-Kind Giving and other employee engagement and philanthropic initiatives. With four technology platforms to choose from, combined with America’s Charities’ best-in-class client and donor support services, supporting the community has never been easier or more fulfilling. Click here to request a demo and learn how we can help you do this.

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