Sarah Ford | October 30, 2013

Implementing Your Social Responsibility Goals Just Got Easier

By Sarah Ford

When it comes to achieving your social responsibility goals, most companies are not aware of the value of partnering with a federation.  Frankly, that is because no one knows what a ‘federation’ is.  When I asked my husband what he knew about the word ‘federation’ his response was, “Am I a nerd for thinking of Star Trek?” (If you thought the same thing – no, that does not make you a nerd.)  

The term ‘federation’ does not mean much to most people, and it certainly does not explain what federations, like America’s Charities, actually offer.  Think of us as “Cause Specialists.”

Cause Specialists Implement Programs Rooted in the Unique Values of Your Company

There is more to corporate social responsibility (CSR) than corporate philanthropy. While our expertise is derived from our workplace giving origins, those very origins have equipped America’s Charities with the skills necessary to support the multifaceted demands that CSR and Human Resources (HR) professionals face particularly as it relates to an engaged workforce, smart charitable investments, and sustainable social impact. 

Shifting expectations from a workforce that encompasses vastly different generations, a growing demand from consumers in the marketplace for companies to do good, and pressures within communities for companies to give back, have left little room for businesses (of any size) to ignore the importance of having a wholesome CSR plan.  However, be aware that the best corporate social responsibility programs are those rooted in the values of the company, not tacked on as another line item in the marketing or human resources budget.  That is the challenge with which companies have been tasked, and that is where collaborating with a cause specialist like America’s Charities proves advantageous.  

In the CSR equation, our focus is on the workplace and the community.  Connecting your business with charities to generate impact in a way that addresses your unique goals is our specialty.

What Distinguishes America’s Charities from Other Consultants:

1.  Employee Engagement & Social Purpose Experts, Mindful of Your Bottom Line

It is perfectly okay for businesses to support good causes and make money at the same time. However, when choosing a business partner to help mobilize your employee engagement initiatives, you should look for a non-profit partner who can help you achieve your goals. At a time when CSR and HR professionals are impacted by the increasing pressure to maximize corporate profits and demands to justify expenditures, while even more effectively meeting society’s demands (and employee’s demands) for more socially conscious, philanthropic-minded businesses – who better to seek help from than a business-minded nonprofit cause specialist like America’s Charities?  Growing giving is our primary goal and we know that achieving that goal means being flexible and cognizant of your company’s infinite needs and limited resources. 

Our knowledge center houses the experience and expertise of engagement advisors who provide companies with access to decades of consulting services around corporate citizenship, strategic philanthropy, workplace giving, employee engagement, corporate impact strategies, charitable transformation, connectivity to specific causes, brand alignment, technology solutions, cause-marketing, program development, fundraising, donation processing and distribution, and social responsibility strategy, alignment, and analysis.

Working together with your team, we can help launch and execute strategic, branded, and customized programs that generate high impact efficiently and effectively.

2.  Transparent Fiscal Services and Non-Profit Performance Designed to Enhance Your Investment

Your company can have a high impact through a variety of means that connect your company’s strategic and philanthropic goals with your employees interests, including volunteerism, professional development through pro bono and skills-based services, and donations. How will you invest in the best charities that align with your cause?  More importantly, how will you manage and process the donations that you and your employees raise?

As a 30+ year-old 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, accredited by the Better Business Bureau’s Wise Giving Alliance, and recognized as a Guidestar Exchange Partner, America’s Charities can be your trusted partner in these areas.  As a charity membership organization that consists of more than one hundred of America’s best known and trusted charities, America’s Charities is uniquely positioned to connect your business with the charity (or group of charities) that best align with your goals and objectives. 

Additionally, we have the resources and processes in place to effectively manage the intricate process of distributing donations from your business to the charity(ies) of your choice at or among the lowest cost in the industry.  Each charity to which we distribute money is thoroughly evaluated and vetted through charitable tax status confirmation and compliance with Federal laws and guidelines. Our process assures employees and other stakeholders (i.e. shareholders, consumers), that the impact you are making is supporting legitimate charities. 

For those reasons and more, America’s best known and respected charities and companies have trusted America’s Charities as a valued business partner for decades.  Our professional team at America’s Charities understands the complex nature of corporate social responsibility, and if there is an opportunity to help you alleviate the pressures and demands faced as a CSR or HR professional, we are eager to hear from you.

Interested in more information about how we can help your company, association or organization? Click here to contact us!  We would love the opportunity to discuss the best approach for your organization. 

Plus, click here to download our complimentary report, Snapshot: Trends & Strategies to Engage Employees in Greater Giving.  Reflecting insights and practices from nearly 100 private sector employers who collectively raise more than $230 million through their annual employee giving campaigns, this original research identifies current trends, attitudes and perceptions in employee giving.  It points the way to a new model that is being shaped by our digital culture and reveals new ways that can help your company achieve its Corporate Social Responsibility goals.

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