If Your Charity Has a Strategic Plan, Don't Put it on the Shelf - Market it!

Nonprofits need to have a strategic plan and, more than ever, need to share and market that strategic plan with potential corporate funders and partners. If you have a strategic plan, don't put it on the shelf - market it! 

In this video clip, Emily Simone, Director of Community Relations for Lockheed Martin, Tom Watson, President and Founder of CauseWired, and Debra Snider, Vice President of Operations for GuideStar, draw from their own experiences and businesses to answer a question from the audience at America's Charities' April 24th Giving Under The Influence Symposium in Washington, D.C. The discussion was geared to an audience of corporate social responsibility and nonprofit leaders attending the event, where America's Charities also released its new report, Snapshot 2014: Rising Tide of Expectations - Corporate Giving, Employee Engagement and Impact.

>> For a copy of Snapshot 2014, click here.