Jim Starr, President and CEO, America's Charities | January 28, 2019

How We’re Succeeding in Our Ongoing Commitment to Bring More Resources to the Nonprofits Changing Our World

For the past couple years, we’ve spoken about the changing dynamics of workplace giving over the last decade and how America’s Charities has embraced that evolution, taking proactive steps to guide our stakeholders into the new era. In 2017 and through 2018, we continued to test and refine new approaches that pave the way for others in our industry to follow – and our efforts have proven fruitful. We have succeeded in our ongoing commitment to bring more resources to the nonprofits changing our world. 

We’re pleased to share that we were able to distribute approximately 10 percent more dollars to nonprofits in 2018 compared to 2017 (complete 2018 figures will become available in the coming months as we are still compiling and reconciling final 2018 results), providing sustainable, unrestricted funds that are critical to nonprofits supporting an array of causes listed in this infographic: 

America's Charities impact

These trusted nonprofits, in turn, used these funds to build vibrant and equitable communities, ensure widespread health and safety, celebrate and support the humanities and living cultures, and preserve and nurture a sense of place and a healthy planet for future generations. 

That impact is why our mission matters. That is why we are proud to serve the nonprofits, employers, and employee donors who bring about this collective social good. However, unfortunately not everyone in our industry is seeing the same success as us.

Back in 2017, the Nonprofit Quarterly published an article announcing that “another workplace giving campaign loses steam” in reference to the federal government’s Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), one of the largest workplace giving campaigns in the world. The article pontificated about whether workplace giving has outlived its effectiveness, pointing to several potential contributing factors such as the rise of donor advised funds and the increasing influence of millennials in the workplace. Throughout 2018, we saw similar articles and messaging pertaining to campaigns like the Florida State Employees’ Charitable Campaign – which, with just a few best practices, could have easily thrived and continued to pour millions of much-needed dollars into charities supporting the local community.

Our experience at America’s Charities has been quite the opposite of what the Nonprofit Quarterly and similar articles proclaim. In fact, our employee giving clients continue to see growing returns from their programs. Employee giving programs are not dying as that Nonprofit Quarterly article and others have implied – they are simply changing. Organizations that embrace these changes while continuing to practice tried-and-true methods, as we do, will continue to grow the impact they deliver to nonprofits and as a result communities across the planet. 

The article does correctly point to the proliferation of technology and its impact on fundraising. But while it’s true that the vast majority of growing workplace programs are leveraging technology, it is not for technology’s sake. It’s because program managers and employees in the digital age prefer and expect the giving experience to be online, efficient, and effective. We have embraced that trend, and by partnering with key technology providers, we offer a range of workplace giving solutions that deliver the giving experience employees want – from combining giving functions into one cohesive platform, to all-in-one social media integration to crowdfunding to technology enhancements that make the donor giving experience even better, and more. 

Technology isn’t the only thing changing the dynamic of workplace giving though. In October 2017, the release of our ground-breaking report, Snapshot: What US Employees Think about Workplace Giving, Volunteering, and CSR, revealed how American employees and their attitudes about employee giving and volunteering are also changing. We’ve incorporated these learnings into the solutions we offer, as well as through the best practices with which we advise our employer clients. 

While technology continues to grow and plays an important supporting role in contributing to positive, effective donor experiences, America’s Charities’ Snapshot Employee Research found that charity choice and engagement are vitally important to employees who take part in workplace giving programs. The basics continue to matter and employee giving programs that don’t embrace that typically experience declining results. 

To our employer clients, nonprofit members, and strategic partners who embrace change with us– thank you! We are honored to play a role in building a better world. To our volunteer Board of Directors, dedicated staff, and generous donors – thank you for continuing to invest in America’s Charities’ success, for pushing us to our limits, and for your commitment to the agents of social change we serve.

Our team is diving into 2019 at full speed, and we’re excited to continue working with each of you to grow giving, innovate the methods we use to provide nonprofits with more sustainable resources, and to help deliver the social impact and results your team strives to accomplish through its own work.

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