How Millennials are Using Digital to Take a Stand on Issues They Care About

Stop Calling Millennials Selfish, 87% Of Millennials Donated To Charity Last Year: Report

Millennials are the first generation of true digital natives. They were just babies during the advent of Apple’s first laptop  and teens when the Nokia 3210 mobile phone launched and forever changed the telecommunications market. Today, Millennials spend an astounding average of 17.8 hours a day consuming different types of media, with social media topping the list as most important. So it’s almost a given that organizations looking to reach this group with social or environmental messages should turn to digital, but what’s the best approach to engage this savvy audience?

Findings from the 2014 Cone Communications Digital Activism Study reveal that organizations looking to reach Americans through digital channels must hyper-target their approach, as each audience seeks unique content, on different platforms, with diverse drivers to action. Millennials are no exception, with digital and social media closely integrated within their personal brand identity.

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