Former Hunting Dog Now Brings Joy and Comfort to Both People and Pets

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Ben Forman will never forget the story of how his dog Miracle came to Homeward Bound, an animal welfare group in London, Kentucky.

In the fall of 2011, a woman was driving down a rural road and saw 2 men had pulled their truck to the side of the road. They had guns, which they were using to beat on something in the dirt behind the truck. Terrified, the woman held back and waited until the men cleared out.

They had left their victim behind in a ditch. The purebred foxhound likely was abandoned because she had failed at her hunting duties.

The woman took the dog — with one eye missing, broken bones and a fractured skull that led to a traumatic brain injury — to Homeward Bound.

Amazingly, their veterinarian was able to heal her physical injuries. Her emotional scars took a little more time. But that’s where Ben and Kristen Forman came in.

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