Featured Charity: Rebuilding Together Alexandria

Part of a nationwide home repair and rehabilitation initiative, this charity is dedicated to keeping low-income homeowners living in safety, warmth, and independence through volunteer services.

What does your organization do?

Since 1986, Rebuilding Together Alexandria has been committed to donating home repairs to the in-need families of Alexandria, VA by bringing volunteers, communities, and resources together. Our vision for Alexandria is a vibrant community where people of all income groups and cultures live in safe and healthy homes.

How has your organization responded to the economic crisis?

We’ve seen the need for our free home repair services increase dramatically over the past few years, so we are working hard to gather more volunteer teams to take care of this need.

Is there a time during the year when you need more help than usual? 

Each year to celebrate our National Rebuilding Day, we do a citywide blitz of repairs on 50-60 homes.  This year’s blitz is on the last Saturday of April  - 4/28/12.

We have several other programs that support our mission – like Veterans Housing, Safe & Healthy Homes and Energize Alexandria - so we are always in need of skilled volunteers and in-kind donations from trade organizations. 

Is there something a company can do to help your organization?

Organizations form teams to perform the home repairs at a client’s home. Both skilled and unskilled employees are needed. A more skilled person from Rebuilding Together Alexandria supervises all the work.

If I make a donation today, how much of an impact will that donation have?

$250:  Pays for a storm door or new plumbing fixtures.

$125:  Buys safety grab bars for a bathroom.

$100:  Purchases 3 gallons of paint, two rollers and a pan, along with brushes to paint one bedroom.

$75:    Supplies 2 deadbolt locks, installed for added safety for single homeowners.

$25:    Covers the cost of 2 boxes of nails, a can of Spackle and a five-inch spreader for wall repairs.

What one thing do you wish more people knew about your organization’s work?

That we EXIST. There is so much more need in our community, but homeowners just don’t know about all the free services that we have to offer.

What makes your organization successful?

The support and management of our volunteer database.  We couldn’t fulfill our mission without the generous support and volunteerism from the community.

What are some of your upcoming events?

  • April 28th, 2012:National Rebuilding Day” is where cities across the nation provide free home repairs to those in need.  In Alexandria, we’ll be working on 50-60 homes.