Emmett and His Pet Parents, Maggie and John

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As the Morris Animal Foundation heads into our second week of our Season of Hope Campaign, we would like to introduce you to one of our canine friends, Emmett, and his pet parents, Maggie and John.

Maggie and John adopted Emmett eight years ago. A joyful soul, Emmett has brought happiness to so many: as a therapy dog comforting abused children, as a big brother to his “doggie” brothers and as a calendar model. Emmett even comforted Maggie as she battled cancer a few years ago, snuggling close to keep her warm.

That’s why it was especially devastating when Emmett was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma, one of the most deadly forms of canine cancer.

“Emmett is my heart,” Maggie shares. “When I realized how serious his diagnosis is, I was truly heartbroken.”

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