Effective Nonprofit Governance Requires an Engaged, Involved Board

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By H. Art Taylor

The board of directors is pivotal in providing guidance and oversight to a charity and ensuring it is fulfilling its mission. Holding regular meetings to review and discuss important organization decisions, such as budgets, program updates and fundraising efforts,  is a process that increases the likelihood that this guidance occurs. That is why – in order to be a BBB Accredited Charity (i.e., meeting all 20 standards) – the third standard in the BBB Standards for Charity Accountability addresses this issue.  We ask a charity to bring together its board of directors at least three times a year with at least 50% average attendance for the meetings held. 

The buck stops with the governing board — and in some the ways the board serves as the “stand-in” for donors by ensuring that the organization is appropriately carrying out its announced mission in the best way possible.  This can’t be done without regularly scheduled meetings throughout the year.  

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