Sarah Ford | December 31, 2012

Digital, Branded Age of Workplace Giving Arrives in Force


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Workplace Giving Gets a Reboot in 2012 to Meet
Changes and Challenges in the Economy, Trends Report Finds

Digital, Branded Age of Workplace Giving Arrives in Force

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Dec. 26, 2012—This year saw further signs that the once staid tradition of employees taking part in annual workplace giving campaigns has been upended by digital technology, younger workers with new ideas, and the need for more engagement between employers and employees. Those are the preliminary findings from America’s Charities 2012 Snapshot: Trends and Strategies to Engage Employees in Greater Giving, its third report since 2000 about the $3 billion dollars employees donate on the job each year to worthy non-profits.

Giving is up at a majority of companies surveyed but employee participation rates are down at nearly 50% of them. Experts say this is a sign that those who are already involved feel very comfortable but more needs to be done to get additional workers to that level.

Meanwhile, more than two-thirds of companies surveyed offer matching payroll contributions—a 58% increase since 2006. This is especially striking given the economic stress corporate America has been under during this time period.

“If you want to see where workplace giving is heading, look at how the retail sector has been responding to the digital revolution. Americans want workplace giving to be responsive to their unique goals but at the same time they want it branded in a high quality way. They want digital experiences that transcend the walls of the workplace. Most of all, we are seeing people open their hearts and their wallets because they know there is a need out there and their employers are making them feel engaged by working together on solutions,” says Steve Delfin, President and CEO, America’s Charities.

America’s Charities ( helps the nation’s most trusted charities thrive by generating sustainable income through workplace giving. Nearly 100 companies participated in its survey of attitudes, perceptions, and practices within the private sector.

Participating companies employ more than 1.4 million people, represent more than 20 industry groups, and are geographically diverse. Collectively, they raise more than $230 million through traditional employee giving campaigns.

The full Trends report will be available for free in early 2013; this link provides an ability to sign up to receive it:

The Top Five Trends from 2012 Snapshot: Trends and Strategies to Engage Employees in Greater Giving are:

1.) Brands R Us
We live in a branded world with logos and messages touching all aspects of our lives. Branded campaigns align a company’s values and philanthropic goals to support employee giving. Eighty percent of the companies in the survey are branding their workplace giving programs with their own names, themes, and/or logos.

2.) We “Like” to Share Why We Give

Currently, 30% of respondents report they allow employees to post videos and/or testimonials supporting their favorite charities as part of the giving program. More than half report they are likely to incorporate more social media tools into the giving activities.

3.) The Millennials Arrive

Young workers want their giving to be peer-oriented. Companies are also recognizing they need to provide Millennials with opportunities to meaningfully participate by volunteering as well as donating.

4.) High Impact, Low Cost

Companies don’t want to spend a lot of resources to manage their workplace giving campaigns and technology alone doesn’t do the job; they are concerned about the time and the cost of conducting employee giving campaigns. About 85% of respondents said administering the campaign is one of their top challenges.

5.) One-Stop Shop

Companies are now devising an overall strategy for giving, volunteerism, skills-based pro bono, and engagement. Previously, many of these efforts were spread out over the company and not coordinated.

One of the most reassuring findings to the non-profit community is probably this one: More than 80% of survey respondents agreed or strongly agreed that the company is committed to a strong program and that employee giving is still a priority.

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