The difference between engaged, non-engaged and disengaged employees and why it matters to you.

A video excerpt from a presentation by Chris Jarvis, Co-Founder & President of RealizedWorth on the difference between engaged, non-engaged and disengaged employees.


America's Charities recently hosted its 2012 Membership Assembly at Georgetown University, where several guest speakers shared their experiences, presented practical, innovative solutions concerning non-profit sustainability and offered successful approaches for non-profits and companies to better engage volunteers, donors and employees.  This video is a small excerpt from one of this year's conference guest speakers, Chris Jarvis (Co-Founder & President of RealizedWorth).  Also, check out Chris's Prezi presentations for more interesting ideas, information and statistics pertaining to CSR.

Enjoy this video, learn from it, share it and contact us if you would like to discuss how America's Charities can improve your organization's workplace giving, employee engagement and volunteer efforts.