CSR Programs Increase Revenue up to 20%, Says Verizon, Campbell Soup Study

CSR Roles and Structures

Well-designed corporate social responsibility programs increase revenue by as much as 20 percent, command price premiums up to 20 percent and increase customer commitment by as much as 60 percent, according to a study commissioned by Verizon and Campbell Soup.

Project ROI, conducted by IO Sustainability and Babson College, found that in addition to having a positive impact on sales, CSR programs increase shareholder value and improve employee productivity.

Project ROI analyzed existing research and data to assess CSR’s value to society and to businesses’ bottom line. It outlines a roadmap of best practices for companies that want to improve the effectiveness and authenticity of their CSR approach. Project ROI further proves the value of CSR in driving employee satisfaction, productivity and retention, and provides investors and community leaders with proof points for investing in or doing business with a particular company, Verizon says.

Other key findings:

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