Creating Transformative versus Transactional Volunteer Experiences

America's Charities YouTube Channel

As a nonprofit, what kind of volunteer experience are you providing? Are you going through the motions, handing volunteers a paint brush or pointing them to an activity and then thanking them for their support, or are you taking the opportunity to use that volunteer experience to connect people to the reason why their help matters?  When they complete their volunteer activity with you, do they return to help your organization through additional volunteer work or financial support?  

In this video clip from America's Charities 2015 Membership Assembly, Chris Jarvis, Co-founder and Senior Partner of Realized Worth, gives an example of a transactional volunteer experience, followed by an example of a transformation volunteer experience.  And it is very clear the impact a transformative volunteer experience makes to the individual volunteering, as well as to the nonprofit organization being helped.

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