Companies Expect More From Nonprofits, Report Finds

Story telling

When it comes to corporate philanthropy, corporate and employee donors expect more from charities these days.  And in a digital era defined by greater transparency, charities face new challenges and opportunities with their corporate partners – all of this according to the Snapshot 2014 report from America’s Charities on employee giving.

In his article "Companies Expect More From Nonprofits, Report Finds", Forbes Contributor, Ryan Scott states "the biggest takeaway from this report is the increasing significance of storytelling to engage corporate partners, employees and nonprofits around a shared mission.  Charities are faced with greater challenges around sustaining corporate partners, and corporate partners face equally great challenges in engaging and sustaining employee interest around workplace giving.  Working together to smartly capture and transmit compelling stories around the issues, opportunities, and successes of a charitable endeavor creates more inviting on-ramps for employee involvement and strengthens the relationships that charities have with companies."

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