Charities critical of new federal giving rules

Charities critical of new federal giving rules

Source: The Washington Post

The Obama administration will issue new federal employee charitable giving regulations that it says “will mean that more of a Federal worker’s contribution to the CFC will go directly to the charities they want to help.”

Charitable leaders, however, fear the new rules will  result in fewer donors and lower contributions to the Combined Federal Campaign.

The CFC funnels donations from federal employees to charitable organizations. The new regulations were submitted by the Office of Personnel Management last week and will be published in the Federal Register soon.

The new rules say cash donations will be eliminated, all charities will pay a nonrefundable application fee and, in an effort to streamline operations, the distribution of funds to charities will move from more than 150 CFC financial centers “to one or a few Central Campaign Administrators (CCA).”

Centralization is one of the main concerns of leaders of charitable organizations.

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