Canine Partners for Life celebrates 25 years in grand style

Canine Partners for Life logo

By Nancy Johnson

The Canine Partners for Life Annual Open House was over the top this year as the Cochranville non-profit held its 25th anniversary party. The event began at noon, and by 1 p.m., parking at the facility was maxed out, and off-site parking with shuttle buses was already being used.

Darlene Sullivan is founder and executive director of the organization which is dedicated to training service dogs and home companion dogs. She was enjoying the day immensely. “I never envisioned this 25 years ago,” she said. “But then again, I never thought I would be watching Puff all afternoon,” she added, laughing.

A cow named Puff was eagerly watched by the crowd, many of whom were holding tickets and waiting for her to “doo” her thing, hopefully on the square they were betting on.  Cow Bingo has always been a big part of the open house, and awards one lucky winner $5,000. In the past, the celebrity cow often makes someone a big winner within minutes, but an hour after she had been released into the paddock with squares carefully marked out with lime,  the crowd was still watching her happily grazing.

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