Providing Food, Basic Needs and Self-Sufficiency Programs to Families in Fairfax County, Virginia

Lorton Community Action Center (LCAC) workplace giving

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Lorton Community Action CenterThe Lorton Community Action Center, a human service non-profit based in southeastern Fairfax County, Virginia, has served this community for more than 41 years by providing food, basic needs and self-sufficiency programs through the generous support of our community.

LCAC’s largest service is our food pantry. Five days each week, LCAC, through almost 100 volunteers, distributes food to over 200 qualifying households (income-based qualification), which includes delivery to 8 of our most at-risk households. This program seeks to provide households adequate food to avoid hunger each week.

Your support of LCAC through workplace giving donations helps people like Angie. LCAC provided food for Angie and her son weekly. When Angie lost her job working retail, she expressed an interest in opening an in-home day care business. LCAC's Director of Client Services worked with Angie to help secure her business license and all items needed to get the day care open for business.

As they worked together through this process, LCAC continued to provide food for the family each week, helped to pay her rent and utilities to keep this family housed while Angie was working to set up this new venture. Once Angie opened the day care, she was interested in learning how to budget her funds and fix credit issues.

LCAC paired her with a mentor who over the course of six months worked on a variety of issues to strengthen Angie financially. Currently, Angela is doing well. She still comes to the pantry a few times each month to keep her expenses down as she seeks to pay off old bills. Angie is on a path to self-sufficiency thanks to support from LCAC donors!

Thank you for considering LCAC for your workplace giving dollars! Each year we serve almost 3,000 individuals in our community, working through crises to a better life. 

You can learn more about LCAC at lortonaction.orgTo support LCAC's work, please donate to Lorton Community Action Center through your company's workplace giving program (CFC#58126 if you're a military or federal employee participating in the Combined Federal Campaign). 

If your company would like to start a workplace giving program to support nonprofits like LCAC, click here. We have a portfolio of solutions designed to help large and small organizations give back to the causes they care about.

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