New Opportunities for Trade Education for At-risk Youth

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“Basically what I was hoping for was a spot for me, where I could actually help.”

This specific quote is from reality TV star, Josh Temple.  But whether you are a celebrity, an individual employee donor, a volunteer, or a company looking for a cause to support – we’ve all said this quote in our own words at some point. 

As donors, this is a popular time of year for giving and connecting with charities to support.  In fact, nearly 30 percent of all charitable giving occurs during the month of December, according to Network for Good. For companies, this time of year is common for evaluating the impact your social responsibility and charitable giving programs have had in the past year, and for planning which charities and causes to support as the New Year begins.

As we addressed in a recent blog post, Measuring the Impact and Success of a Nonprofit-Corporate Partnership, some needs are more visible and apparent than others.  But if you look a little deeper into a cause, you will find there is often a lesser known, but equally important need that could benefit from your support.  One example is Boys Town

As the host of several popular home improvement reality shows, Josh Temple is a familiar sight on television these days. Recently, he's been a familiar sight on the Boys Town Campus too. In fact, Josh's connection with Boys Town goes back to 2013, when he flew in to do a meet-and-greet with the kids and staff. While he was here, he fell in love with the campus and with its history and mission, which you can hear him talk about in this video:

Josh Temple Behind The Scenes from Boys Town on Vimeo.

Upon his return to Los Angeles, Temple kept in touch with Boys Town and recently returned to film a public service announcement and talk more with kids, staff and donors about his desire to help create new opportunities for trade education for at-risk youth. You can check out his PSA and behind-the-scenes videos here.

Include Boys Town in Your 2016 Giving Plans

As you draw-up your company’s social responsibility and philanthropic plans for 2016, consider partnering with Boys Town. Whether it is through workplace giving or forming an official nonprofit-corporate partnership, America’s Charities can help you from strategy to implementation.  Click here to learn more about our business solutions and to contact us.  To learn more about Boys Town’s mission and programs, visit their website at

Want to Donate Now?

Click here to make a donation and help Boys Town meet their 2015 year-end goals.