Helping Children Succeed in School with "SchoolTools"

CSR Blog

Source: Charities@Work

By Natasha Hjelm, Global Impact

For children everywhere, education is the best hope for breaking free from poverty. Yet even school supplies are hard to come by for the millions of U.S. children whose families struggle just to pay rent and buy food. To help ensure these children have the tools they need to learn, World Vision provides school essentials throughout the year to students in greatest need.

“The need is huge this year,” says Reed Slattery, warehouse coordinator for World Vision’s Pacific Northwest field site. “It’s heartbreaking to see so many families that want their children to do well in school, but can’t afford the supplies. Without supplies, students whose families can’t make ends meet begin the year at a significant disadvantage.”

Across the country corporations are rolling up their sleeves and hosting SchoolTools events to provide basic school supplies to help U.S. children in poverty.  These team-building activities are helping employers to provide opportunities to give back.  The events are high-impact team experiences that give direct help and hope to children and communities in the United States. Providing children with their own school supplies builds self-esteem and also frees up family resources for other essentials such as food, medicine, and utilities.

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