Sarah Ford | July 15, 2015

The Best of Technology & Workplace Giving Expertise to Maximize Your Corporate Giving Impact

CECP’s Giving in Numbers shows that corporate giving is no longer just about giving; it’s about creating fully integrated opportunities to engage a company’s employees and communities.

The data echoes what we learned in our Snapshot Employer Research: Trends and Strategies to Engage Employees in Greater Givingand it’s also why we joined forces with Causecast to offer employers America’s Charities All-in-One Giving Solution. (Editor’s note: America’s Charities acquired Causecast in July 2019.)

For 40+ years, America’s Charities has been working with employers and the nonprofit sector to raise funds through workplace giving, and as a result, we’ve raised more than a half-billion dollars for tens of thousands of nonprofits. We are proud of this achievement and the social impact it’s had, but workplace giving isn’t what it was back in 1980 (and that’s a good thing).

In 2000, when we released our first report on employee workplace giving trends, very few employers – not even Fortune 100 businesses – used technology for their workplace giving. The dominant workplace-giving model at the time was one where the employer deferred to United Way and administered more top-down campaigns with limited charity choices. With the emergence of social media, e-philanthropy (online, mobile and other forms of digital giving), and the democratization of information, employees of all ages have gained something powerful – quicker and better access to information that they can share and act on anywhere, anytime.

This has resulted in heightened employee expectations, particularly those of Millennials who share experiences across industries, see best practices, and even consider criteria such as a company’s community involvement when determining whom to work for.

Employers now look at workplace giving much more strategically and they’re taking a more holistic approach to corporate philanthropy, community relations, and CSR strategy, increasingly fusing their business missions with their roles as corporate citizens on the world stage. For companies trying to figure out how best to accomplish this or what approach to take, the 2015 Giving in Numbers survey points to five key indicators of growth.

A Huge Advantage for Your Company

It’s exciting to read the Giving in Numbers survey results and to see how integrated and advanced corporate giving has become. It’s even more exciting to get to be part of that process, especially now with all that America’s Charities can offer employers through our All-in-One Giving Solution

Our All-in-One Solution offers companies the best of technology with deep expertise in workplace giving and employee engagement. America’s Charities is the only organization to provide full-scale corporate philanthropy solutions to employers, employees, and nonprofits, offering support from strategy development through implementation to maximize community impact. The SaaS technology it’s built on offers businesses the most advanced, cutting-edge employee engagement platform seamlessly integrating social media, crowdfunding, team volunteering, in-kind giving, storytelling and many unique features that maximize employee support for their favorite causes.

To learn about our solutions and see how we can help your organization with its unique charitable giving goals, contact us for a demo.  

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