Sarah Ford | September 15, 2015

A Partnership to Improve the Lives of Animals is Yielding Big Results

Nonprofit-Corporate Partnership Spotlight: Morris Animal Foundation and Radio Systems Corporation

Partnerships between non-profit organizations and private enterprises can be highly beneficial to both parties. In the case of Morris Animal Foundation and Radio Systems Corporation, a strong relationship also means animals benefit, too.

The relationship between Radio Systems Corporation (home of the PetSafe®, SportDOG®, and Invisible Fence Brands®) began in 2010, when Morris Animal Foundation presented opportunities for collaboration to PetSafe brand.

A PetSafe employee attending the presentation was particularly interested in the canine cancer research sponsored by the foundation, since her own dog was undergoing treatment for cancer. The employee was instrumental in persuading the company to help the foundation in setting up a walk in the Knoxville area, with proceeds to go to canine cancer research. The PetSafe team agreed and the rest, as they say, is history.

“Knoxville is a very pet-friendly community, and knowing that a percentage of our community has or will experience canine cancer, Radio Systems decided to help do something,” said Travis Vickery, senior risk management specialist at Radio Systems. “It only made sense for Radio Systems to bring exposure to an organization that was already working to better treatments, decrease mortality rates, and ultimately find cures for pet cancer and other animal diseases.”

PetSafe brand has helped staff, organize and support the Morris Animal Foundation Knoxville K9 Cancer Walk since 2010. PetSafe brand also sponsors the Black Tie and Tails Gala, one of the top charitable galas in Knoxville. In addition to donating their time and energy to both events, PetSafe employees solicit auction items for the gala, and donate dog toys for event participants.

“The support of PetSafe brand has been a big boost to our efforts. Not only have their events raised vital funds, but we have also gained access to thousands of new supporters,” said Roxanne Davis, director of organizational giving at Morris Animal Foundation. The work we fund wouldn’t be possible without support of our corporate sponsors.”

In return for their support, PetSafe brand is promoted on Morris Animal Foundation’s website, has their logo included on event materials, and is listed as a presenting sponsor.

“Our parent corporation, Radio Systems Corporation, hopes to help our community members realize that those experiencing pet cancer are not alone,” said Vickery. “There is a great foundation doing animal-health research around the world, and we want our employees to know they can help through participating in one of two events here in Knoxville each year.”

This year’s Black Tie and Tails gala, hosted by PetSafe, raised $45,000 for the foundation. In total, PetSafe brand has raised more than $300,000 for Morris Animal Foundation since becoming a sponsor in 2010.

Morris Animal Foundation has supported canine cancer research for more than 50 years, investing $16 million in 219 canine cancer studies. Thanks to the generous support of partners like PetSafe brand, the foundation has 42 active canine cancer studies, totaling more than $5 million in invested funds.

By working together, PetSafe and Morris Animal Foundation are making a difference to fight cancer and improve the lives of our four-legged companions and their families.

Our thanks to Morris Animal Foundation for sharing how their relationship with Radio Systems Corporation got started and what kind of impact their partnership is having. To learn more about Morris Animal Foundation’s work, visit

To learn how your company can support Morris Animal Foundation through an employee giving or corporate social responsibility program at your workplace, click here to contact America’s Charities and learn more about our workplace giving and employee engagement solutions

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