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HRC: Making a More Inclusive and Accepting World for Everyone

Join America’s Charities as we highlight different nonprofits and share how individuals and companies can Shape the Future of various causes through workplace giving programs. The following is an excerpt from the Human Rights Campaign Foundation Overview at

Each day, while elected officials debate political and legislative solutions, HRC Foundation’s incredible staff educates the public and provides training and model policies that alter the fundamental nature of the institutions that govern our everyday lives. From policy that guides a hospital’s treatment of LGBT patients, to the moral truths that shape how a pastor interacts with a congregation or a community — HRC approaches LGBT life holistically, looking for ways that their work can make a more inclusive and accepting world for everyone, in every part of their life.

Take HRC’s work with adoption and foster care agencies: Before an agency can earn HRC’s seal signifying it is a leader in supporting and serving LGBT families and youth, we must first ensure that the agency has the right policies in place. We then train every single employee on what those policies mean and why they’re important.

Or consider our corporate work. Even as we push for inclusive federal anti-discrimination laws, the fact is that millions of workplaces today offer equal benefits to LGBT employees, including coverage for same-sex partners and transgender-inclusive healthcare policies. Many adopted these policies through working closely with the hardworking staff of the HRC Foundation. And with your continued support, we can help more corporations implement LGB T-friendly policies by delivering the training and other critical resources they need to move forward.

In communities of faith, HRC meets with families and leaders to foster understanding about how to support LGBT loved ones, not in spite of religion but because of it. We amplify the voices of the faith leaders who are already with us in an effort to change the media’s narrative when it comes to what religious people think about our lives and our families.

Through our HRC Global program, we leverage HRC’s domestic LGBT work to have international impact. HRC Global helps counter draconian laws aimed at suppressing sexual minorities. We are also training a new generation of leaders. Our first two fellows from India and Kenya returned to their countries with newfound skills and a network of activists to further their work. From calling out Americans for exporting hate to advocating for an LGBT-inclusive foreign policy, HRC envisions a world that achieves fundamental fairness and equality for all.

The HRC Foundation does this work alongside employers and employees, pastors and parishioners, doctors and teachers, neighbors and advocates. We change hearts and minds all along the way, across the United States and around the world, to enhance the lived experiences of LGB T people and families everywhere.

We know that we can make great progress by engaging directly with institutions that affect our day-to-day lives — schools, churches, hospitals and workplaces.

This work takes tremendous expertise, patience and diligence. Thank you for giving us the strength to meet our highest goals while we march down this long road toward full LGBT equality.

Support HRC through Workplace Giving:

As a donor, you can support HRC’s programs and projects by donating to Human Rights Campaign Foundation through your employer’s workplace giving program (CFC# 11893 if you’re a military or federal employee participating in the Combined Federal Campaign). Payroll pledges made through employer-sponsored charitable giving programs represent a cost effective and near effortless way to support the vital work of the Human Rights Campaign Foundation.

If your company would like to start a workplace giving program to support the Human Rights Campaign, click hereThe HRC Foundation works through America’s Charities, a workplace giving federation, to promote its mission to employers’ workplace giving programs nationwide, and America’s Charities has a portfolio of solutions designed to help large and small organizations give back to the causes they care about.

To learn more about HRC and the Foundation’s work, visit


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