Baby Danny Reminds Us That Kicks Really Do Count

Baby Danny

A message, recently received by First Candle, from the mother of this beautiful baby:

“I just wanted to thank you for your awareness campaign for “Kicks Count!” You could say we are a success story. I was 37 weeks pregnant and contacted my doctor one evening because of reduced activity confirmed with a kick count (baby had only moved once in an hour-long period). Doctor had me come in immediately, and within a short period of time my son was born via c-section. Turns out the cord was wrapped around his neck four times and he could no longer move. Doctor said if we hadn’t come in when we did we could’ve had a “different outcome” then his healthy birth. Baby Danny is now 8 months old and all is well. Thanks again for all you do — just making parents-to-be aware can make all the difference.”

Jennifer from Nebraska