America's Charities | June 17, 2022

America’s Charities is closed Monday, July 4, through Friday, July 8, for our second annual recharge week

Why It’s Important and What It Means For You

Please be advised that America’s Charities is closed Monday, July 4, through Friday, July 8, for our second annual recharge week. 

Recharge week is one of many ways we invest in our team’s health and well-being throughout the year, and one of the reasons we continue to be recognized as a Best Nonprofit to Work For. Our recharge week last fall provided our staff the opportunity to rest and recharge after another busy year filled with inspiring charitable giving campaigns and emergency assistance grant programs. We are incredibly proud to serve the nonprofit and CSR communities and remain committed to helping individuals and organizations support each other and the causes they care about.

This does not mean we are entirely unavailable during the week of July 4-8! It simply means that our availability is limited and we may have to collaborate differently during that week. We appreciate your understanding as we work to make sure that all of our teammates have the chance to truly recharge.

What This Means For You

Specific changes in effect July 4-8 include:

  • All offices are closed, including our Chantilly headquarters and all satellite and remote offices. 
  • We will not have anyone attending our phones. You may leave a voicemail and staff will respond as soon as they are able.
  • We have compiled answers to the questions we hear from donors, employers, and nonprofits here. Please check those for answers before contacting our Help Desk. You may also search our website at
  • America’s Charities’ Donor Services Team/Help Desk will be available solely by email and web between 10:00-12pm EDT and 1:00 – 3:00 pm EDT, each day from Tuesday-Friday, July 5-8, to assist with the most urgent issues. You may submit a help ticket at or by email at
  • Employee Assistance Fund (EAF) applicant support will be available on Tuesday through Friday, (July 5th – July 8th), from 11:00 am – 1:00 pm EDT, to assist with urgent issues. You can reach America’s Charities’ EAF Support team by emailing
  • Live chat support will not be available that week for applicable clients. However, you may submit your question via chat and our Donor Services Team/Help Desk will respond according to urgency and date submitted.
  • All non-critical or urgent support tickets and emails will be responded to in the following week starting Monday, July 11.
  • If you know in advance that you will require assistance that week, please connect with your coordinator prior to July 4, or wait until July 11 for help. In the meantime, expect to hear from our staff regarding meetings to be rescheduled, etc.

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