America's Charities and The Giving Block Partner On Cryptocurrency Donation Offering

America’s Charities member benefits now include crypto fundraising.

America's Charities and The Giving Block Partner On Cryptocurrency Donation Offering

Starting today, America’s Charities’ members will have discounted access to The Giving Block’s suite of cryptocurrency fundraising tools, opening them up to this growing donor pool.

The Giving Block makes accepting cryptocurrency donations easy for nonprofits and is the #1 crypto giving solution. Their services include crypto account set-up, donation widget creation, an auto-sell conversion feature, and automatic tax receipts. With more than 100,000,000 crypto users, cryptocurrency has become more popular than Venmo among Millennial and Gen-Z donors. Get started with The Giving Block today and open your doors to the future of fundraising.

The Giving Block team walks you through all parts of the onboarding process and stays to ensure the best crypto fundraising outcomes. Part of their services include marketing assistance to help your nonprofit reach the crypto community. America’s Charities members that take advantage of this partnership will gain access to a new pool of donors and have expert help alongside them.

America’s Charities nonprofit members that sign up for The Giving Block services will gain access to a new pool of donors. They have strategic partnerships, which allow them to run mass fundraising campaigns for peak outcomes. Each year they also run Bitcoin Tuesday, which is the Giving Tuesday equivalent for cryptocurrency.

Why do people donate crypto? Cryptocurrency is classified as a property by the IRS. Cryptocurrency donors are incentivized to donate directly to nonprofits to avoid capital gains tax and get a fair market value deduction on their tax return. Join other member organizations like No Kid Hungry who already accepts cryptocurrency donations.

Interested in signing up or learning more?

Head here and keep in mind that America’s Charities members will get a 10% discount on the first year of subscription fees!