Sarah Ford | November 7, 2013

American Enthusiasm to Shop With a Conscience at Record-High

2013 Cone Communications Social Impact StudyAmerican demand for cause is stronger than ever, according to 20 years of benchmarking data released today by Cone Communications. Despite a marketplace saturated with cause-related programs and messages, the U.S. consumer appetite for corporate support of social and environmental issues appears insatiable, according to the 2013 Cone Communications Social Impact Study:

  • 54 percent bought a product associated with a cause over the last 12 months, increasing 170 percent since 1993
  • 89 percent of Americans are likely to switch brands to one associated with a cause, given comparable price and quality, jumping nearly 35 percent since 1993
  • 91 percent wants even more of the products and services they use to support cause
  • 88 percent wants to hear how companies are supporting social and environmental issues

The 2013 Cone Communications Social Impact Study is the latest in Cone’s pioneering analysis of Americans’ attitudes, perceptions and behaviors around corporate support of social and environmental issues.

“In the midst of the ribbonization of America – where it’s near-impossible to walk down a store aisle without spotting a cause – consumers want to see even more brands engage in social and environmental issues,” observes Alison DaSilva – executive vice president, Research & Insights – Cone Communications. “Through 20 years of research, Americans’ inclinations to shop for good has ebbed and flowed, alongside economic upheaval, political unrest and acts of terrorism. But one thing remains clear: consumer demand for cause is stronger than ever, solidifying it as a savvy business strategy.”

The Demand for Proof of Progress

Although the number of pressing social issues is vast, Americans are clear in the areas they most want companies to focus. Economic development is the number one priority for the majority of consumers (44%), and they want to feel the impact of corporate efforts close to home in their local communities (43%).

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Source: Cause Marketing Forum

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