Aging Survey Captures Snapshot of Post 60's Concerns

Is the country ready to deal with an aging population on such a grand scale? An aging survey released this week by the National Council On Aging, UnitedHealthcare and USA Today broached that question in its survey where 2,250 American adults ages 60 and up were asked about pressing issues such as financial security, housing, transportation and health. While it didn’t answer the larger question of America’s readiness to handle a growing aging population that wants to age in place, it did provide a snapshot into respondents’ “own individual readiness for aging as well as their perceptions of their community’s resources for senior residents,” according to the survey. 

While America's aging population and the issues addressed in this survey highlight some of the greatest concerns and challenges our country will have to address in the next five to 10 years, America's Charities' members include several charities who are already working hard to provide solutions for these exact issues.  You can easily be a part of the solution for this national problem by supporting these charities through workplace giving, by raising money and awareness by participating in charity events, by volunteering (i.e. donate your time to help care for elderly), and other ways.  Starting is simple, just choose a charity to support, visit their web site and contact them to see how you can help.  Be a part of the solution - click here to start.

Click here to view findings from the United States of Aging Survey.

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