2015 Millennial Impact Report Says Millennial Employees are More Influenced by Peers than CEOs

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The Millennial Impact Report 2015Today, Achieve, in partnership with The Case Foundation, released The 2015 Millennial Impact Report, which can be download at www.themillennialimpact.com/research

Launched in coordination with The Millennial Project in 2009, The Millennial Impact Report has been tracking and analyzing why, how, and what inspires the Millennial generation to support charitable causes.  As an organization that lies at the intersection between employers, employees, and the nonprofits they support, America’s Charities is particularly excited about this year's Millennial Impact Report, because it takes a closer look at corporate social responsibility and how companies and their leadership influence employee giving.  

As you will see in the report, Millennials as employees actively give and volunteer inside and outside the walls of the workplace.  Companies that encourage and enable employees to participate in cause work through a variety of ways (money, time, network, talent), can leverage their Millennial employees' passions to build a strong and loyal workforce.   Here are some powerful ways employers can do this:

  1. Utilize peers and direct co-workers to influence participation
  2. Offer episodic, short-term volunteer opportunities
  3. Leverage competitions and incentives
  4. Show how participation makes a difference
  5. Match donations
  6. Identify causes that your employees care about
  7. Encourage unsanctioned giving

>> Learn more by downloading The 2015 Millennial Impact Report

>> Learn how America's Charities can support your company's employee giving and workplace philanthropy goals

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