Montgomery County Frequently Asked Questions

Click here for detailed instructions for logging in to the online campaign and on selecting and supporting charities.

  1. When is the Montgomery County Employee Giving Campaign being held this year?
    You can contribute from October 18 – Friday, December 20, 2021.

  2. Which organizations are participating in the campaign this year?
    There are a wide range of organizations participating in the campaign this year. Click here to start searching for participating organizations. This online list only includes the nonprofit umbrella groups and their nonprofit members. Once you access the online giving website, additional nonprofits, that are not members of the umberlla groups, are available as giving options. Included in the list of participating organizations, are the same umbrella organizations that have participated in previous years. Each umbrella organization included in the campaign raises money for nonprofit agencies and charitable foundations that share their mission. >> Click here to view the umbrella organizations.

  3. Why should I give through payroll deduction as part of the County’s Employee Giving Campaign when I could just send a check directly to the nonprofit organization? 
    Payroll deduction is a very efficient, economical way for a nonprofit organization to process the gift. It takes one person to process a single check from Montgomery County, but it takes more people to process individual checks from many different donors. This type of processing drives up administrative expenses for nonprofit organizations. Nonprofits are thrilled to get support through our campaign as they do not need to spend money on a direct mail or phone solicitation campaign. Unlike grants from foundations and governments, contributions generated through employee giving campaigns are not restricted in how they are used so they can be devoted to strengthening the sustainability of the organization.

    Donors are able through payroll deductions to give larger gifts to their favorite community organizations than they would be able to give by a single check. You might want to give $260 or $130 to one of your favorite charities, but it is often difficult for people to find room in their monthly budget for a $260 or $130 check. Having $10 or $5 deducted each pay period is a much easier way to support your favorite community groups.

  4. What percentage of my contribution goes towards administrative fees? None. Before 2014, an administration fee was deducted from your contribution. In response to concerns about the fee from county employees, the County Executive decided that the County will pay the modest administrative fees connected with the campaign. This means every dollar that you contribute will go directly to the nonprofits you select.

  5. How do I get more information about the umbrella organizations and their member nonprofits?
    When you log in to the giving site, you’ll be able to read stories about each organization’s latest activities, find detailed descriptions of the participating community nonprofit organizations, and locate internet links to each member nonprofit. In addition, information is available from your department’s Campaign Coordinator. To find your coordinator, click here.

  6. I have more questions about the specific projects that a particular nonprofit is working on in Montgomery County. How do I learn more about them?
    The online giving portal has information about some of the participating nonprofits. Additionally, a select group of nonprofits may have a live link to each organization’s website.

  7. Can I pick any organization(s) I want to support?
    YES. There are thousands of different organizations participating in our campaign. More than likely, they represent a cause that you’re passionate about and used to giving to.

  8. How can I contribute to a nonprofit that is not listed in the materials?
    You can give through the “Request a Nonprofit” function on the “Give” page, found on giving platform once your log in. Click here for a link to detailed instructions for logging in.



  1. How do I contribute to the Montgomery County Employee Giving Campaign?
    There are two ways to contribute: Use the County’s online system or fill out and return a paper pledge form for your charitable giving. For help logging in and selecting and supporting charities, click here or call 571-458-1072.

  2. Do I have to return my paper pledge form if I don’t intend to contribute?

  3. How does the online system work?
    If you wish to pledge online, please log in using the username and password you created last year or if you are new to this giving website, create a giving account at For first-time users, the giving platform will ask for your “Invite Code,” this code if your County issued E-mail address. For detailed instructions explaining how the online system works, click here. If you need further help, please call 571-458-1072 or contact America’s Charities’ dedicated Help Desk at

  4. What opportunities does this year’s campaign offer?
    This year’s campaign includes an online pledging system, designed to give you the most information possible about the participating community nonprofit organizations.

    Here are some additional opportunities to support Special Funds that are near to your heart:

    User-friendly software

    Ability to write a check and use a credit card or Paypal (credit card and Paypal donations are subject to a merchant fee of 2.8% + $.20/transaction and 2.2% + $.30/transaction respectively.)

    Ability to give to any 501(c)3 charity

    Workplace presentations where you will get a chance to meet representatives from community nonprofit organizations

    Most significantly in 2014, in response to concerns expressed by County employees, the County Executive decided that the County will pay the modest administrative fees connected with the campaign. This means every dollar that you contribute will go to the nonprofits you select.

  5. How do I contribute money to the Montgomery County Employee Giving Campaign?
    The online giving system accepts multiple giving choices. You can enroll for payroll deductions that can be spread over the year or you can choose a one-time payroll deduction starting with the first paycheck in January 2022. The online giving system also accepts one-time charges to credit cards.

    Contributions by check must be made payable to “America’s Charities Fiscal Agent” when using a pledge form. In the event of multiple charities, please make out one single check for your total combined pledges. NOTE: Check donations must be mailed to the address below by December 3, 2021.

    All checks must be accompanied by a pledge form and send to:

    America’s Charities
    ATTN: CFMS/Montgomery County
    14383 Newbrook DR, Suite 300 PMB # 706
    Chantilly, VA 20151

    A one-time contribution by check, credit card or PayPal is considered a 2021 donation for tax purposes. Charitable contributions made through payroll deduction should be considered a tax deduction for 2021. Contributions by credit card are subject to a merchant fee of 2.8% + .20 per transaction. Contributions by PayPal are subject to a merchant fee of 2.2% + .30 per transaction.

  6. Are my contributions tax-deductible? 
    YES! Your contribution through payroll deduction is deductible for the 2022 tax year. Contributions made by check, credit card or Paypal are deductible for the 2021. If using a pledge form, please keep a copy of the form for your records.

  7. Does Montgomery County match my gift?
    No, but the County is paying the modest administrative costs of running the campaign. This means every dollar that you contribute will go to the nonprofits you select.

  8. What if I change my mind about my online contribution after it was submitted? 
    You may log on to your online campaign website to modify your payroll deduction gift anytime until December 20, 2021. To discuss canceling your donation after that date, please contact payroll. For credit card or PayPal contributions, you can contact America’s Charities’ Help Desk at 571-458-1072.



  1. Why should I give money to a nonprofit organization?
    Our community is the great place that it is to live, play, learn, and work in large measure because of our wonderful nonprofit community partners. They do much to help our neighbors in need and to enrich our quality of life.

    Nonprofit groups multiply the impact of the dollars you contribute to them through other donations and the community service of their volunteers. For example, for every dollar that you donate to the Manna Food Center in Rockville, Manna is able to put five dollars’ worth of food on the table of a needy family.

    Nonprofit groups save taxpayers lots of money each year. For example, it costs approximately $25,000 for a child to remain in the child welfare system. The nonprofit Adoptions Together based in Silver Spring places children with families at an annual cost of $7,200. This is good for the child who benefits from having a permanent residence, and it is good for taxpayers.

  2. I don’t have very much to give. I really can’t imagine that my little contribution would do much good. Why should I bother giving? 
    Please understand that no gift is too small. Each gift is significant. If you could give just $5 in each pay period, that would be $130 for the whole year. For $26 ($1 per pay period), A Wider Circle is able to provide the basic furnishings a formerly homeless family needs to move from a transitional shelter to permanent housing.