State & Local Campaign Dates & Promotional Information

If you participate in our State & Local membership program, we encourage you to promote your organization to donors using the themes, hash tags, and promotional information supplied by each individual campaign. Click the link below to open a spreadsheet listing some of the top-performing State & Local campaigns. We’ve compiled information to assist your team. Please note, we are constantly updating this file as we receive more information for each campaign. (Black text indicates the information has been confirmed. Red text indicates the campaign information is still being confirmed for this year, but what is listed is based on their 2018 campaign to give you an approximate idea of what to expect/plan for.)

NOTE: This spreadsheet is only intended to provide your team with dates and general information for promoting your organization to State/Local employee donors. Our team will still continue to reach out to you directly about the specific State/Local campaigns and events that pertain to your organization.

Access State and Local Campaign Spreadsheet