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NOTE: Your login criteria remains the same. You will be able to log into the new reporting system using the same username and password you’ve been using with the old PledgeFirst site.

>> New Reporting Site (Login here to view pledge and donor data for 2018-present CFC, state and local government, and corporate campaigns.)

>> Old Reporting Site (Login here to view 2018 pledge and donor data for select America’s Charities managed campaigns, or to view historical campaign data (2017 and prior).

About the Reports:

Most of the reports featured on our old PledgeFirst site translate directly to our new system:

  • Donor Detail Report is the replacement for Pledge and Donor Report and gives an overview of all donors who pledged to your organization. This report contains information on who made the donation; the amount pledged; the campaign; the payment type and any notes.
  • Donor Acknowledgement Report – is the same as Donor Acknowledgement Report in PledgeFirst. This gives an overview of donors who have opted to receive an acknowledgement/thank you from your organization.
  • Campaign Summary is the replacement for the Pledge Summary Report, viewable by campaign year to see summaries of campaigns and amounts.
  • Distribution Summary Report is the replacement for both the Distribution Report and Member Distribution Report. This combined report gives data per distribution. To pull a report for a particular distribution, you will need to plug in the Distribution ID number, found on your check stub or EFT transfer.
  • Distribution Donor Detail Report is a new report that will allow you to search by Distribution ID number to view donor detail for each distribution America’s Charities makes to your organization.

Should you have any questions related to distribution or accessing our new reporting system, please reach out to our Help Desk, For questions related to the CFC program or membership with America’s Charities, please email