Member Referral Program

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Purpose of This Program

America’s Charities’ member referral program is designed to make it easy for your existing corporate partners and other interested employers to feature your nonprofit through workplace giving. We have been managing workplace giving campaigns for nearly 40 years and we are dedicated to using our expertise to grow your team’s workplace giving results.

How We Deepen the Giving Connection

As a member of America’s Charities, you already know we feature you as a charitable choice to more than 13 million employee donors – this includes specifically featuring you in a wide array of print and digital media as well as accessing exclusive events that allow you to meet these donors in person. We currently access 199 workplace giving campaigns on behalf of our members nationwide, more than 50 of which we directly manage or access by virtue of our own workplace giving technology solutions and partnerships.

Some quick stats on our programs:

  • 95% satisfaction rate for our clients
  • 5-10 times more pledge volume for our nonprofit members in the giving campaigns we manage than our competitors’
  • 30% more funds raised through our workplace giving programs than most nonprofits receive through monthly sustainer gifts
  • $750 million + raised for nonprofits since our founding and our goal is to raise $1 billion by 2026
  • 200,000+ nonprofits have received a gift from our programs

What Makes Us Stand Out:

  • Our high tech, high touch approach. Giving should be easy, but programs that are solely reliant on a technology platform are doomed to fail. Unlike other workplace giving vendors, we do not simply set up a technology platform and leave everything else for the employer to figure out. We’re proud to offer a broad selection of employee giving technology options, each coupled with a dedicated support team, best-in-class service, and proven practices to inform employers how best to engage employees beyond setting up their giving account.
  • We’re not in it for the profit. The majority of workplace giving vendors are for-profit SaaS providers who charge up to 25% in fees on every donation. By contrast, we are a sustainably managed 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that consults directly with nonprofits addressing critical needs. While tech startups have come and gone, we have provided funding to more than 200,000 nonprofits throughout our 40-year history. We are uniquely poised in understanding how employee giving programs empower real-world outcomes in our greater communities, and committed to bringing more resources to the nonprofits that are changing our world.

How it Works

Step #1: Identify Your Corporate Partners.

To make this referral successful, we need to first figure out which of your corporate partners is interested in supporting you through workplace giving. Here are some options of how we can work with you on this:

  1. Ongoing Call to Action:
    • We will provide pre-drafted copy and a call-to-action button/link for your team to post on the workplace giving page on your website. If you do not have a landing page specifically for workplace giving, we’ll help you identify an alternate page we feel is appropriate. We also have pre-drafted copy you can use if you would like to create a workplace giving landing page.
    • When a website visitor clicks on the call-to-action button/link to request more information about supporting your nonprofit through workplace giving, they will be routed to a unique form similar to this sample page, which will be branded with your logo and any messaging you would like us to incorporate: A member of your team and ours will simultaneously be notified when a company fills out the form. Our team will then collaborate with you and discuss next steps to successfully onboard your partner.
  2. Individual Call to Action:
    • This approach is a bit more direct and involves you identifying one or more of your existing corporate partners you think would be interested in starting a giving campaign for their employees, or, is looking to deepen their connection to your cause. If your corporate partner is not familiar with workplace giving, America’s Charities can provide you with talking points, resources, and consultation. All you need to do is gauge interest and make the referral – we’ll work with you from there.
    • Identifying Your Ideal Corporate Partner:

Based on our experience, the types of corporate partners who are best to target for this program are those that:

  1. Do not currently have a workplace giving program
  2. Are socially-minded organizations who want to incorporate employee engagement into their DNA
  3. Currently support short-term crowdfunding campaigns for a specific cause, but have found what they really want is a platform for ongoing giving and employee engagement   

Step #2: We Implement the Workplace Giving Campaign.

  • America’s Charities offers four workplace giving technology solutions to accommodate varying budgets and needs, which you can read about at Each solution comes preloaded with our complete portfolio of thoroughly vetted nonprofit members. We can either exclusively list your nonprofit as a giving option or work to include a more extensive list of eligible nonprofits, while keeping your nonprofit front and center. There are a number of ways this can be accomplished without sacrificing employee choice.

The Financial Benefits

Both you and your corporate partner will receive a special discount on our services:

  • Your corporate partner will receive a 10% discount on implementation and service fees for the first year of their campaign.
  • You will have the added advantage of working with your corporate partner to incentivize charitable giving, and we won’t charge any distribution fees on pledges you receive for the first year of your partner’s campaign.

How to Get Started

Please let us know if you are interested in participating in this program by emailing A member of our team will reach out to you to set up an introductory call and review next steps.

America's Charities Member Referral Program