Fall 2019 Campaign Event Attendance Survey Due June 21st

We're gearing up for campaign season events! To ensure the appropriate person(s) from your organization receives invitations to maximize your organization's charity fair and campaign event presence this year, please complete our Fall 2019 Campaign Event survey:

Survey completion deadline is June 21st!


  • For those members who have more than one representative with us, please know the survey has been sent to multiple people.
  • Any charity member who does not fill out the survey will be enrolled in all event areas
  • Event area selections can be tweaked as needed throughout the year

This Survey Will Help Our Team:

  1. Identify the appropriate person from your team to contact about campaign events and opportunities.
  2. Which regions across the country your team is interested in focusing your event attendance and presence.
  3. Anticipate whether your team will be sending us promotional items to distribute at events on your behalf.

If you have any questions about the survey or fall campaign events, please contact our team at ClientSolutions@Charities.org