Charity Fairs & Promotional Items

Speaking Engagements and Agency Fairs:

Most private and public campaign activities include employee fairs, agency kickoffs, and speaking engagements of some sort.  How can you make the most of these opportunities? Below are tips and advice to help your team leverage these events.

How to Make a Compliant CFC Virtual Charity Fair Video:

As part of the continuing effort to connect federal employees and retirees to the impact they can through the CFC and to make CFC charities more visible to the federal community, the CFC hosts a Virtual Charity Fair (VCF) to include videos and stories/photos. Viewers can filter by charity name, cfc number, cause area, charity type (i.e., local, national, or international), and if local, by CFC zone.

  • Submit your videos and/or stories and photos using our VCF Submission Portal.
  • For videos, you will need charity name, web address, 5-digit CFC number, your primary cause area, charity type, video title, video transcript, video thumbnail photo, and the video mp4 file (50MB max size). Videos must be 60-seconds or less, be captioned, and comply with the standards in section 508 of the Rehabilitiation Act. Read more about Video Compliance and learn how to create a compelling CFC Video using just a Smartphone here.
  • For stories, you will need charity name, web address, 5-digit CFC number, primary cause area, charity type, photo title, photo file (hi-res, 300 dpi), photo caption, photo credit, story title, story body (limit 750 words).