CFC Volunteerism & Pledge Process

Pledging Money

Click here for a step-by-step outline of the CFC donor pledge process. 

Pledging Volunteerism

How it Works:

The CFC Online Pledging System identifies approved local, national and international charities which offer volunteer opportunities to donors. The System highlights charities accepting volunteers with an icon of a helping hand. Donors who wish to pledge volunteer time can search the charities that offer volunteer opportunities and indicate the number of hours they would like to pledge to the charities of their choice. As has been the case throughout the CFC program’s history, donors may also continue to make monetary pledges to any approved CFC charity regardless of whether volunteer time is pledged to the organization. Donors are not able to pledge time via the CFC to charities that are not approved to participate in the campaign.

Coordination of specific volunteer opportunities and fulfillment of volunteer pledges will occur outside of the CFC Online Pledging System between the donor and the charities to which volunteer time is pledged:

  • If an employee releases his or her name to a charity where they plan to volunteer, then the charity may contact the employee.
  • If not, then the employee will have to take the initiative and contact the charity directly after the CFC pledge is made to follow up on their plan to assist.


When CFC donors find your charity through the CFC Online Pledging System, they will see a pop-up box similar to the screenshot below, which includes a link to your website where they can learn more about your work. 

sample charity profile on CFC giving site

If you offer volunteer opportunities, we recommend placing a callout banner/block on your homepage, or on your designated volunteer web page, that specifically targets CFC donors. On your volunteer page, we recommend explaining to CFC donors how the volunteerism pledge process works and encourage them to release their contact information so that your team can initiate next steps with them. Volunteerism is very new for the CFC and so donors will need educated on how the volunteer process works. We encourage you to copy the “How it works” content section above and personalize it for use on your charity’s website.