2019 State and Local Application Update

America’s Charities’ Client Engagement team is now halfway through their annual state and local campaign application season, during which they access more than 100 workplace giving campaigns in 23 states on behalf of member nonprofits. Here are some helpful updates and resources for charity members currently participating in our State and Local or State and Local Flex programs:

  • If you are new to the process or need a refresher, we recommend reviewing our 2018-19 State and Local Program tutorial.
  • 2019 applications kicked off in December 2018 with the Ohio Combined Charitable Campaign (CCC) and will continue throughout this year. If accepted in these programs, your nonprofit will be listed as a giving option for state and local government employees beginning in fall 2019, with some campaign periods extending into early 2020.
  • The highest concentration of applications is submitted from January through May each year. This is also when we reach out to you with requests for materials, since the majority of applications submitted during this time require extra documentation outside of current charitable registration. As a reminder, we only request additional information from you if materials are needed beyond what we are permitted to complete on your behalf. For example, many campaigns require our charity members to individually sign a campaign-specific application form and do not permit America’s Charities to sign the form. In this instance, we review all requirements and prepopulate all required information on the form, then reach out with a request for someone from your organization to sign and date.
  • To further assist you in understanding where applications currently stand, we recommend reviewing our updated 2019 National State and Local Campaign Selection Menu. This document is a modified version of the state and local campaign menu on your 2019 membership application, and includes the following information:
    • Approximate deadlines for when state and local applications are finalized by America’s Charities. If an application requires extra materials from you, this is the date we must receive information by. Note: deadlines provided are approximate for applications not yet released by the campaign to America’s Charities.
    • Whether documents are required from you (Y/N)
    • Whether a signature from a member of your team is required (Y/N) and if yes, who is authorized to sign. If no signer is specified, then any individual authorized to certify on behalf of your organization may sign.
    • Whether charitable and/or business registration is required with the municipal government, and if so, which entity. Note: some states require multiple registrations with different departments. If you are looking for an outside vendor to manage your charitable registration, we recommend checking out the discounts made available to you through our partnership with COGENCY GLOBAL.

Again, for all applications, our client engagement team will only request information if additional, campaign-specific documentation is required directly from your organization. If you do not hear from us, then no action from you is required.

Should you have any questions about materials required for a particular application, please either reach out to the individual who requested information from you, or email clientsolutions@charities.org.